Hardcore Helper 3.0

  • Complete refactoring, reduced savegame footprint. This update is NOT backward compatible with previous versions, it requires a new game.
  • Removed the Rad-X option, often ending up being either too late, or wasting Rad-X.
  • Improved food filtering, now properly skips chems and medicine.
  • Excluded Rushing Water and Atomic Cocktail from autoconsumption.
  • Completely reworked sorting algorithm, introduced weighted sorting by multiple factors: radiation damage, usage in recipes, nutritional value, monetary value, weight, etc.
  • MRE and Salient Green are no longer pre-sorted. By the new rules, MRE gets eaten among the first as a heavy, nutritious, radiation-free non-ingredient. Salient Green will be eaten among the last as a lightweight, expensive, low-calories ingredient.
  • Added an option to not eat any ingredients.
  • Added an option to quench thirst with food, if it has such effect.
  • The uppers list now consists of: Black Coffee (Honest Hearts), Nuka Cola, Ice Cold Nuka Cola, Coyote Tobacco Chew.
  • Slightly increased delay between checks.
  • Bumped required DLL versions to xNVSE 6.22+ and JIP LN 56.31+.

Hardcore Helper 2.3

Version 2.3

Added support for modified hardcore stages.

Version 2.2.4

Do not run the MCM quest in GameMode.

Version 2.2.3

Fixed default settings.

Version 2.2.2

Persistent settings via JIP’s auxiliary variables.
Proper Aqua Pura support.

Version 2.2.1

Fixed mergeability, MCM menu no longer breaks in a merge.

Version 2.2

Options moved to MCM.
Tweaked drinks and uppers order.

Version 2.1

Better sorting performance (fixed initial lag).

Version 2.0

Hardcore Helper now requires NVSE and JIP.
Food consumables are indexed and sorted automatically.
Hardcore Helper 2 is no longer sold by vendors and is available from the beginning.
The options menu works directly from PipBoy.