Oh, I’m hungry again. Let me stop fighting this radscorpion and look at my wrist. Now do I feel like Potato Crisps or Brahmin Wellington? Nom…Nom…Nom… Back to the radscorpion, take that and that, you foul bastard! I’ll punch you in your…What? Now I’m thirsty? Dammit. Stop fighting the radscorpion, look at my wrist…All I have is dirty water? Fine, whatever – Gulp, gulp, gulp! Back to the radscor- Now, I’m irradiated?! Fuuuuuuu… There has to be a better way! Well, now there is. Building on pre-War RobCo technology, the Followers of the Apocalypse present the Hardcore Helper! A wonderful, fantastic, glorious bit of technomagic heaven that will automatically eat, drink, RadAway, and/or caffeinate you when necessary.


– Works only in Hardcore Mode, of course. –




  • Will feed you when you are hungry (>=200 Hunger)
  • Will water you when you are thirsty (>=200 Dehydration)
  • Will RadAway you when you are irradiated (>=200 Rads)
  • Will caffeinate you when you are sleepy (>= 200 Sleep Deprivation)


All options can be toggled. Modified thresholds are supported (for instance, with JSawyer mods).


Items are generally eaten in the following order:

  • Cooked food, aka not included in any recipe.
  • Irradiated cooked food.
  • Ingredients.
  • Irradiated ingredients.


Inside each group, items are ordered, using weighted sorting, compromising between radiation damage, nutritional value, monetary value, and weight.




  • Supports bare FNV, DLC, TTW, and any mod, adding more consumables, without hard dependencies.
  • Requires latest xNVSE and JIP LN.
  • To be able to change mod options, install MCM.
  • Compatible with everything. Is ok to merge. Load order does not matter.


This mod is a continuation of Shittakaburi’s Hardcore Helper 1.01.


Hardcore Helper 3.0

Changelog. 3.0 is NOT backward compatible with previous versions, it requires a new game. Installing mid-game is fine as long as a previous version is not installed.

Size: 5 KB
Uploaded: 29 August, 2021 18:24
Downloaded: 624 times

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  1. Thanks for your utility MOD, but have some issues that hope get your help.
    1st. Didn’t find it from Julie Farkas in Old Mormon Fort, but I actually could automatically eating, drinking after install your MOD.
    2nd. Automatically eating, drinking when Hunger, Dehydration etc >= 400 instead of your default setting 200, how could I edit threshold to 200 in FNVEdit?
    Thanks again.

    1. 1. It’s a buyable item only in Shittakaburi’s version. My edition is configurable through the MCM panel.
      2. You probably have JSawyer installed. To change them, override levels in Dehydration Stage/Hunger Stage/Radiation Stage, those are top level categories in FalloutNV.esm.