Enderal SE

  • Skyrim SE 1.6.640 (Steam) and 1.6.659 (GOG) support.
  • Fixed the dialog quit popup appearing in non-locked conversations.
  • Making a Wolf Blood in Call of the Hunt led to the objective to drink Chymikum, and vice versa.

Enderal SE

  • Excluded a few distant cells from testing, fixes compatibility with SkyVRaan.
  • Reverted dialoguemenu.swf to the pre-2.0.12 version and replaced quest journal in locked dialogs with a quit prompt. Discarded solution caused decreased input delay in menu mode and was making scrolling unusable.
  • Reverted the Armor Addon Fix for Qyranians and Arazealeans, was enabling to equip two necklaces and two rings.
  • NPCs, shattered after being frozen with Arctic Wind, were respawning in frozen state.


  • Fixed a neck hole in Vagrant Dress.
  • Mesh improvements in meshes/clutter/common/cratesmall*.nif – textures, normals, geometry issues.

Artifact Tracker 1.0.6

  • Fixed detection of KID for AE, has had a different internal name (thanks, LeatherBifold!).
  • Added more sanity checks and warnings.

Enderal SE

– The Father’s arrival scene might fail to properly start (reported by KappaPride).

Enderal SE

– Fixed inability to create quest potions if 2.0.12 was installed during certain quest stages.

Enderal SE 2.0.12

– Added Polish translation by Anna Łagowska, Szymon Wrzos, Bartłomiej Jabłoński, and contributors.
– Fixed inability to open quest journal in locked dialogs. Modded dialoguemenu.swf requires re-patching to use this fix.
– Dead skeletons now use the rigid skeleton model, like Skyrim does. Fixes loose bones stalking player in exterior cells.
– Working Shadow Dancer affinity: if a weak enemy was killed under the Psychosis effect, it will be reanimated to fight on player’s side for 60 seconds.
– Jespar might stop following player in the Word of the Dead after combat (reported by Wolf00).
– Improved audio volume manipulation in the accusation scene. Instead of setting the volume to 100%, it’s increased by 15-25% and restored afterwards.
– Switched loadingmenu.swf to 60 FPS – yes, it is now even faster.
– Fixed a dialog option with Silia Foxhand not showing up due to being too long.
– Fixed compatibility of Lishari’s ritual with Better Jumping SE.
– Fixed Mimicry not working in the Undercity.
– Fixed apparitions fleeing from enemies when in the werewolf form (Soul Caller).
– Fixed chatter about disappeared Rhalaims before the quest even started.
– Merged Armor Addon Fix for Qyranians and Arazealeans by SatansFetusLegs (thanks!).
– Fixed incorrect water type near a bandit camp near Ark (reported by Atmene).
– Added a bug report link to the main menu, opening the Enderal SE discord.
– To work around the engine bug, causing skills to level up, Enderal now requires full game restart, if user wants to start a new game after quitting to the main menu.
– Moved SetActorScale from _00E_QuestFunctions to a dedicated script to workaround the issue, when users overwrite _00E_QuestFunctions installing outdated mods and break player rescaling.
– Fixed behavior of two dogs in the Noble Quarter, they no longer sit in one place through the whole game.
– You can now keep the second Rune Key from the Abandoned Temple.
– Added the VendorItemFoodRaw keyword to fruits and vegetables.
– Added oranges to orange baskets.
– Removed the Can’t Be Taken flag from three books – The Blade Master, The Seraph, and The Swashbuckler. Fixes inability to pick them up with the corresponding patch in po3’s Tweaks.
– Fixed powder barrels not blowing up from hit with a fire arrow (reported by _FREE__P0TAT0_).
– The Purge spell no longer affects companions and allies.
– Added a fix for Abomination fleeing from enemies (based on Ixion’s Bug Fixes).
– Improved visibility of Arcane Fever warnings, showing them as help messages (in the middle of the screen).
– Fixed help messages getting permanently stuck, if a savegame was loaded while they are on the screen.
– Fixed the warning on the Nobles Quarter gates getting triggered by NPCs during Black Light Part 2.
– Fixed a broken pine in the ravine (reported by Kapnobatai).
– Set fAIAwareofPlayerTimer to 0 – an experimental fix for NPCs following player through doors while talking.
– Removed a low-res texture of Pennypouches’ attire falling back to the Skyrim variant.
– Removed 1 Gb of Skyrim textures. Enderal textures now fit into two BSA archives.
– Refactored player aliases in three quests – The Elixir, Cuthbert’s Legacy, werewolf alchemy control – to get rid of unfiltered OnItemAdd/OnItemRemoved listeners, causing stack dumping in Papyrus when moving large quantities of items. Opens the road to automated item sorters.
– Added fixes for two Skyrim scripts, causing infinite loop in background – TrapSwingingWall by subhuman100 and Unnecessarily Fixed Fixed Dragon Stalking Fix by tarlazo and KirbonatedBeverage.
– Moved UnlockAchievement from Game.pex to a dedicated script, Steam.pex, to prevent cases when users install SKSE on top of Enderal, overwriting Game.pex and breaking their achievements.
– All crafting prompts are now perk-based. Removed scripts _00E_Theriantrophist_BlockCraftingSC, FS_NQ05_AlchemyScript, and FS_NQ07_AlchemyScript from all crafting stations. They should no longer be added to any new objects.
– Restored the root node of the Story Manager, without which most story events did not show up in CK.
– Repacked E – Misc.bsa with the RetainNames flag – fixes inability to add Enderal scripts to objects in CK (reported by OverDev).


– Both of Enderal’s DLLs have been rewritten to CommonLibSSE-NG and rebuilt for compatibility with SE+AE:
— They now require Address Library for SKSE Plugins.
— Renamed fs.dll to EnderalSE.dll, its internal name changed from fs_skse_functions to EnderalSE.
— Renamed fs_steam.dll to EnderalSteam.dll, its internal name changed from fs_skse_steam to EnderalSteam.
— Flat Map Markers and Stay At The System Page have been included into EnderalSE.dll (based on Ryan McKenzie’s code, released by the MIT license).
— Added INI options EnderalSE.ini and EnderalSteam.ini.
— EnderalSE.dll now performs compatibility checks on game load and warns about found issues. The game will unconditionally show an error and close after detecting Skyrim DLC, Creation Club content, and USSEP. In the main menu, the game will check for loaded Skyrim worldspaces and cells, unconverted map data, and verify integrity of important game objects.


– SKSE is now the only hard requirement for Enderal:
— Refactored _00E_Theriantrophist_AlchemyControl to use vanilla arrays instead of JContainers.
— Moved MCM from the Levelsystem quest and refactored health bars to SKSE events, allowing to play without SkyUI. (There is no alternative way to change Enderal settings yet.)


– Fixed a bunch of minor pathfinding issues in the exterior of Noble and Myrad quarters of Ark.
– Fixed Fine Leather boots having the wrong model and their male version not being weighted. Fixed Fine Leather hood not being weighted for female Aeternas. Reported by SwoleTurtle.
– Fixes for female version of “Endralean Sublime Garb”.
– Mesh fixes for 42 files in Meshes\Enderal\Miscellaneous – vertex normals, coloring, light/shadow artifacts on some very common statics.
– Mesh fixes for 113 files in Meshes\Enderal\Medievalpack – fixed geometry, texturing and normal bugs, somewhat improved vertex coloring.
– Ark’s quarters and exterior of Frostcliff Tavern – fixed objects suddenly popping up/disappearing when you round a corner or turn the camera.
– Fixed wrong textures on parts of Ark’s main bridge.
– Regenerated normal textures for some very common wooden beaming and planking and for the tips of the columns of the main (dam) bridge of Ark. This fixes black spot artifacts on a whole bunch of houses, scaffolds and fences in Ark, Farmers Coast, the Frostcliffs, etc.
– Fixed the Oak Bow not being craftable by adding its blueprint to the basic crafting plan merchant leveled list, to the rest of the steel-tier weapon blueprints (reported by KuroPurple).
– Moved posters in the Nobles Quarter closer to the walls.
– Shrunk another couple of occlusion planes in the Sun Temple courtyard, to fix stuff popping in/out on camera turns.


– Moved the quivers for female characters to the hip in the female skeleton, just like it is for the male version.
– Fixed a typo in the Blade Master affinity description and specified that the HP of the enemy is absorbed in the description of the Ravager affinity.
– Removed low-res face textures, falling back to hi-res SSE assets.
– Minor visual adjustments for the docks assets at the Myrad in the South Quarter, floating excess rope, poles stuck into each other etc.


– Head mesh fixes 4.0:
– Added separate female and male meshes for the eyes used during the cleansing. They use the original textures, as well as suitable shaders and NIF settings.
– Replaced all male and female eye .nif meshes and CharGen morph .tri files to fix invisiblity clipping issues.
– Incorporated the fix found in ‘ENB Brow fix’ for the male and female brow meshes.
– Used the changes found in ‘SUEMR SSE with Bijin AIO 2019 Support’ and ‘Invisibility and Eyes Mesh Fix by HHaleyy’ as inspiration/instruction to alter the male, female and children’s eyes meshes.
– Used the changes found in ‘Double Sided Vertex Human Mouth Fix SSE’ as inspiration to alter the male, female and children’s mouth mesh.
– Changed several male NPCs that were using the special beards _00E_BeardTealor and _00E_MC_LexBeard to use the corresponding vanilla beards. This results in their hairs and beards to look more similar colour- and texture-wise.
– Changed two NPCs present during the cleansing to use the correct cleansing eyes.
– Changed another NPC (not present during the cleansing) to not use the cleansing eyes, but the blind human ones (which are similar in appearance). This ensures that only NPCs during in the cleansing use the cleansing eyes.

Artifact Tracker 1.0.5


  • Fixed an issue, causing start player items to be stuck in the “found” status.
  • Added a patch for Enderal SE.


  • Fixed duplicated cell storages, created if savegame was loaded inside a home.
  • The mod now writes the total number of registered artifacts to console on game start.

Artifact Tracker 1.0.3


  • Fixed a threading issue, sometimes causing crashes.
  • Fixed a case, when persistent container was assigned to be cell storage.
  • All potential artifacts are now synced in the cell storage, allowing to properly update their status, if the artifact list has been changed mid-game.


  • Excluded Hendraheim clutter.
  • Expanded the list of pond fish with vanilla and CACO items.