Auto Unlock Lite 2.0

  • Auto Unlock Lite is now ESP-less. Requires xNVSE 6.23+.
  • More straightforward bobby pins spending formula.

Unfound Loot 1.0rc2

  • JIP MiniMap compatibility mode. Some exterior cells may be skipped.
  • Fixed initialization on game reload, broken due to recent changes in JohnnyGuitar NVSE.

Hardcore Helper 3.0

  • Complete refactoring, reduced savegame footprint. This update is NOT backward compatible with previous versions, it requires a new game.
  • Removed the Rad-X option, often ending up being either too late, or wasting Rad-X.
  • Improved food filtering, now properly skips chems and medicine.
  • Excluded Rushing Water and Atomic Cocktail from autoconsumption.
  • Completely reworked sorting algorithm, introduced weighted sorting by multiple factors: radiation damage, usage in recipes, nutritional value, monetary value, weight, etc.
  • MRE and Salient Green are no longer pre-sorted. By the new rules, MRE gets eaten among the first as a heavy, nutritious, radiation-free non-ingredient. Salient Green will be eaten among the last as a lightweight, expensive, low-calories ingredient.
  • Added an option to not eat any ingredients.
  • Added an option to quench thirst with food, if it has such effect.
  • The uppers list now consists of: Black Coffee (Honest Hearts), Nuka Cola, Ice Cold Nuka Cola, Coyote Tobacco Chew.
  • Slightly increased delay between checks.
  • Bumped required DLL versions to xNVSE 6.22+ and JIP LN 56.31+.

Gear Checklist 1.4.2

  • Updated Just Loot Menu support to newer versions (changed event ID from JMASelectedItem to JAMSelectedItem).
  • Bumped required xNVSE version to 6.20+.

Bottle Rinse Repeat 3.0

  • Revised interaction process. Instead of adding another menu, the mod overrides water source activation, if the player has any empty bottles or upgradeable items in their inventory. Once bottles are filled or the player has none, the prompt changes to vanilla.
  • Brahmin Milk restores health like water does. Added support for the Camel of the Mojave perk.
  • Due to its high availability, Irradiated Water is now considered worthless and costs the same as an empty bottle.
  • Reworked Vault 13 Canteen mechanics, now it works as a replenishable quest drink.
  • Scripted water sources get activated when filling bottles (for instance, the water pump in Freeside).
  • Skips filling bottles with poisoned Aqua Pura in DC.
  • Full refactoring and optimization, improved savegame footprint.

FNV Diagnostics 1.5.1

  • Updated UIO recommendation to version 2.20. Recommends updating UIO, when it fails to load, as it most likely would be 2.09 or earlier with missing VC++ Redist 2013.
  • Skips the Alt+Tab test in windowed mode without OneTweak.

FNV Diagnostics 1.5

  • Suggests to install Visual C++ Redistributable 2013, when UIO fails to load.
  • Finds stray DLL files in the game directory, Data, Data\NVSE, and Data\NVSE\Plugins.
  • More detailed xNVSE and JIP LN installation instructions.
  • Added ShowOff NVSE Plugin to the list of detected plugins.

Hardcore Helper 2.3

Version 2.3

Added support for modified hardcore stages.

Version 2.2.4

Do not run the MCM quest in GameMode.

Version 2.2.3

Fixed default settings.

Version 2.2.2

Persistent settings via JIP’s auxiliary variables.
Proper Aqua Pura support.

Version 2.2.1

Fixed mergeability, MCM menu no longer breaks in a merge.

Version 2.2

Options moved to MCM.
Tweaked drinks and uppers order.

Version 2.1

Better sorting performance (fixed initial lag).

Version 2.0

Hardcore Helper now requires NVSE and JIP.
Food consumables are indexed and sorted automatically.
Hardcore Helper 2 is no longer sold by vendors and is available from the beginning.
The options menu works directly from PipBoy.

FNV Diagnostics 1.4.6

Version 1.4.6

Expanded the list of detected NVSE plugins.

Version 1.4.5

Writes load order to fnvdiag.log.

Version 1.4.4

Updated DLL versions.

Version 1.4.3

Removed no longer needed Cyberware and xNVSE warnings.

Version 1.4.2

Added support for Vortex archive invalidation.

Version 1.4.1

Due to not-so-positive reports on bUseD3D9Ex=1 in NVTF, suggests OneTweak as an alternative.

Version 1.4

Suggests solutions to non-working Alt+Tab with NVTF and/or NVR.
Finds inconsistencies in SArchiveList.
Detects missing automatic archive invalidation.
Warns about conflicting bModifyDirectXBehavior in NVTF and MemoryManagement in NVR.
Warns about enabled antialiasing, anisotropy and water displacements with active ENB.
Suggests installing of NV Compatibility Skeleton, when multiple skeleton changing mods are found.
Disabled the ESM checksum test, will be posted as a separate file.

Version 1.3.3

Target specifically the retail version of libvorbisfile.dll
Corrected wording on some recommendations.

Version 1.3.2

Removed the Solid Project warning.
Fixed NVSE detection, when a save was made with FNV Diagnostics active. (If you did save, make a clean save without it and re-run it.)

Version 1.3.1

Offer file verification only for English version of the game.

Version 1.3

Optionally verifies ESM files by their MD5 checksum.
Warns about non-standard uGridsToLoad (should be 5).
Detects OneTweak and Book Menu Restored.
Detects DLL libraries, existing on disk, but not loaded.
Added a notice about minor incompatibility of NVR and NVAC.
Added more problem solvers for Project Nevada.
Load order warning is triggered only by main DLCs.
Checks for existence of the main TTW files in Data.
Checks for TTW being updated to the latest version.
Fixed hard dependency on JohnnyGuitar NVSE.

Version 1.2.2

The Recompile All test requires JohnnyGuitar, moved to conditioned execution.

Version 1.2.1

Fixed link in the MCM Bugfix error.

Version 1.2

Check mods for traces of Recompile All in GECK.

Offer alternatives to Project Nevada.
Warn about incompatibility of TTW and optional components of Project Nevada.
Check for PN leftover file, automatically included by UIO, which prevents Cyberware from working.
Check for existence of vanilla BSA files.
Detect YAPR – Yet Another Pipboy Remover.

Version 1.1

Check for incorrect masters order.

Version 1.0.1

Added NVSR warning.

Version 1.0

Initial release.