To Enderal SE

Known engine and SKSE issues
Game crashes after summoning a bound sword.

If a mod is removed mid-game leaving an orphaned active magic effect behind, accessing the effect crashes the game. Summoning a bound sword is one of those cases. Follow this guide for a fix. (Never remove mods mid-game.)

Enchantments use a lot more charges after reloading a save.

Install Scrambled Eggchantments. There are multiple solutions to this issue, overviewed here.

Physics go crazy after loading a save made on a mount.

As a workaround, your character will automatically dismount on game load (added in 2.0.5).

My Saves folder is full of orphaned *.skse files.

SKSE does not clear co-saves automatically, when old autosaves are deleted. Set CleanSKSECosaves to true in Data\SKSE\Plugins\EngineFixes.toml (configuration of Engine Fixes).

Heavy panting got stuck after depleting all stamina.

Using a talent (shout) should fix it. Calling “Focus” once usually helps.

Confirmed unresolved issues in Enderal SE, reported on Discord

[LE] – issues, inherited from Enderal LE.

[SE] – issues, specific to the conversion.


  • [LE] After rebuilding behaviors with Nemesis, custom paired animations fail to start (Old Dothulgrad, kissing). FNIS with the Behaviors Pack works as intended.
  • [?] If player goes through all fights in the Dust Pit without savegame reloading, ring master skips his introduction line before the final battle.
  • [LE] Forced dialogs start twice.
  • [SE] Visual glitch when entering Old Dothulgrad and some caves (example). May be linked to short time brightness changes on cell transition.
  • [LE] Sirius may disappear right before his execution, ruining the animation.
  • [LE] If you don’t see illusions in Castle Bleakstar during “Our Mark On This World”, return to the entrance to trigger the scenes.
  • [LE] The donkey and horse are sinking in/clipping through the floor tiles at the Arks Harbour and Old Smuggler Retreat when walking against the placed objects.
  • [LE] The Description of affinity Arcane Archer “If you fire an arrow while ‘Eye of the Storm’ is active, you automatically fire an additional spectral arrow which does shock damage and shortly paralizes.” doesn’t match the effect in-game. The spectral arrow has some shock visual effects but does not do any damage, the only effect is the paralyze.