First things first – Enderal SE 2.0.12 is out. This release addresses long standing technical debts accrued both by SureAI and by us, fixes two critical issues with the Creation Kit, affecting Enderal modmaking in general, and, like always, closes a lot of issues, reported on Discord.


Since poor modding practices in Enderal started getting out of hand, 2.0.12 introduces built-in mod compatibility testing. On game start, it walks through your mods, and checks if they contain Skyrim worldspaces or cells, if Enderal cells and some other objects are alright, if the map is not broken, and, if something is wrong, shows a warning message. If it detects Skyrim DLC, Creation Club content, or USSEP, Enderal shows an error and exits. All other errors do not close the game yet, because many of you have ongoing saves with incompatible mods. This should put an end to complaints about mountains in the starting area, missing floors or terrain, crashes, and other non-existing issues.


Certain changes finally allowed to implement automatic use of crafting supplies from the Secure Chest. This feature has been released as a mod, see Easy Crafting.


Before updating, remove the mod called “VioLens – A Killmove Mod SE (Compatibility Fix)” – it does not do what it claims and will break the update procedure.


Enderal VR is not compatible with 2.0.12 yet due to new DLL, I’m keeping the 2.0.11 torrent up until it’s updated.


2.0.12 marks the end of maintenance of the Steam version. The mod version continues receiving updates, 2.0.13 will most likely require a new game.


Full Enderal SE changelog