Patches USS Hoodwink for compatibility with Tale of Two Wastelands 3.3+.


  • Properly sets necessary global variables.
  • The USS is always enabled in both wastelands.
  • Works with both versions, with and without Sortomatic (I recommend Stash Organizer instead).
  • Snowglobe collecting no longer interferes with vanilla scripts. The snowglobe stand automatically synchronizes with the main one in Lucky 38. (Reverted snowglobe records are intentional!)
  • The Boobleheads stand is no longer exclusive to the USS. Synchronization works the same way as with Megaton and Tenpenny Tower, simply activate bobblehead stands to update displays.
  • Includes the TTW 3.3 fix for Hardcore Mode, stopping primary needs from progressing during travel.



  • Fixed travel not starting after going to Mojave by train (thanks, Null).



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  1. Hi! Thank you Eddoursul! Your latest TTW patch made the fast travel from DC to NV actually possible! Since i traveled for the very first time to NV I landed at Doc Mitchell of course and I got no map marker for the sub. I can’t even find it in Lake Mead either. Any hints? Thank you!

      1. YEESSS! THANK you, mate. Found it, everything’s working, even inside with your stash organizer. What a joy!
        Yours Mike