Patches USS Hoodwink for compatibility with Tale of Two Wastelands 3.3+.


  • Properly sets necessary global variables.
  • The USS is always enabled in both wastelands.
  • Works with both versions, with and without Sortomatic (I recommend Stash Organizer instead).
  • Snowglobe collecting no longer interferes with vanilla scripts. The snowglobe stand automatically synchronizes with the main one in Lucky 38. (Reverted snowglobe records are intentional!)
  • The Boobleheads stand is no longer exclusive to the USS. Synchronization works the same way as with Megaton and Tenpenny Tower, simply activate bobblehead stands to synchronize displays.
  • Includes the TTW 3.3 fix for Hardcore Mode, stopping primary needs from progressing during travel.



  • Fixed travel not starting after going to Mojave by train (thanks, Null).



  • Fixed an occasional harmless error showing up in console.
  • Map marker in Mojave is now visible by default. You still have to find the DC location by yourself.



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  1. Hey Eddoursul! The patch looks to be working well, although I’m seeing an error in the console, specifically the below error:

    Error in script 6800BCB3 (HwinkOnAddGlobe) in mod USSHoodwinkTTW.esp
    Attempting to calla function on NULL reference
    Script line approximation: Let rBase := ##GlobeRef.GetBaseForm## (error wrapped in ##’s)
    Where rBase=uninitialized form (0), rGlobeRef=invalid form (ff004ae2)
    File: USSHoodwinkTTW.esp Offset: 0x0017 Command: Let

      1. On xNVSE 6.2.9 (and verified in nvse.log, NVSE runtime: initialize (version = 6.2.9 040020D0 01D937828BCA57D5)) so I don’t think that’s the issue…

          1. Strange part about it is I’m not even sure and everything *appears* to be functioning correctly, I just see the message appear in the console randomly during normal gameplay (and not in a cell near the Hoodwink).

                1. Whoops, looks like there’s an error on the download address for the updated file Eddoursul. Probably the space in the filename.

                2. xNVSE supports array filters only in the new SetEventHandlerAlt. I used the original SetEventHandler, which compiles with arrays but does not work as expected.

  2. Hi! Thank you Eddoursul! Your latest TTW patch made the fast travel from DC to NV actually possible! Since i traveled for the very first time to NV I landed at Doc Mitchell of course and I got no map marker for the sub. I can’t even find it in Lake Mead either. Any hints? Thank you!

      1. YEESSS! THANK you, mate. Found it, everything’s working, even inside with your stash organizer. What a joy!
        Yours Mike