The Legacy of the Dragonborn development team does not provide support when using any of these addons.

Guild Master Quickstart

A quickstart batch file, making you the guild master and skipping several LotD quests (see its Quest Index for reference). This is an alternative to Relic Hunter for using with other alternate start mods, such as Skyrim Unbound or Ralof or Hadvar.


What it does:
– Unlocks the museum.
– Skips introduction quests (Auryen may start giving his Ten Septim Tour to nobody, and then continue with his routine).
– Finishes ‘A Room with a View’ and ‘Digging Up Explorers’. The explorers will need about a day to arrive.
– Gives you the Explorer’s Guild Charter.
– Finishes ‘Shadows of One’s Past’, gives you Hagram’s Light, and enables its display in the Safehouse. Avram will introduce himself as usual, though. Engelmann’s Rest stays in its original state, and last time I checked its boss was broken, this has nothing to do with this mod.
– Grants access to the Safehouse and gives the key.


The script does not disable the Night at the Museum quest, as it allows to skip it natively through dialog, choosing “I don’t do ghosts”.


Adding items requires powerofthree’s Tweaks, don’t forget to install its default INI config with enabled ‘Load EditorIDs’ (enabled by default).


Unpack and copy guildmaster.txt to the root directory of Skyrim (NOT into Data).
Open console with ~ and run bat guildmaster.
Download Guild Master Quickstart

No Forced Excavations

After reaching certain number of artifacts, LotD forces you to start ‘The Excavation of Windcaller Pass’ and ‘The Excavation of the Ruins of Rkund’, using forcegreeting packages. This mod disables forcegreeting and allows to start the excavations by talking to Marassi instead. Once you fulfilled all requirements, ask him, if they found any new sites to dig.

Download No Forced Excavations

OnItemAdded Optimization Patch

Moving large quantities of items between containers with Craftloot or any other similar mod may cause overloaded call stack in Papyrus, resulting in stack dumps in its log. This happens when mod authors use OnItemAdded and OnItemRemoved without filtering them with AddInventoryEventFilter. LotD and Zim’s Thane Weapons are among mods affected by this, they track all items in order to replace vanilla Thane rewards with their own artifacts. This patch optimizes reward tracking, so it never becomes an issue with Craftloot. Requires a new game. Includes a script, optionally fixing this issue in Zim’s Thane Weapons (Zim’s mod is not required). Requires USSEP.


This patch edits important quests, do not install it without doing proper conflict resolution in xEdit.
Download OnItemAdded Optimization Patch

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