This mod makes vending machines to do what they are supposed to – sell drinks. There already are similar mods on Nexus, here is my take.


  • Vending machines now sell their contents instead of being regular containers with free loot.
  • Used currency is determined by parent cell ownership. Vending machines, owned by the NCR, use NCR dollar, by Legion – Denarius/Aureus (did not find any in vanilla, but it actually works), by all others – caps. Unowned machines use pre-war dollars (1 item = $1).
  • Prices reflect actual market value and exchange rates of every currency. The machines have their own markup, of course, currency conversion, too.
  • If you have multiple denominations, they are spent in the most optimal way.
  • The machines give change.
  • Paid money is moved into the machine.
  • The machines can be broken in to. For that, you need Lockpicking 75 and 1 sensor module for every attempt through the terminal.
  • Some newly found unowned machines are broken (based on your Luck) and require repair with 1 Scrap Metal and 30+ Repair.


MCM options

  • Toggle break-ins
  • Toggle broken machines.
  • Toggle repairs.
  • Set desired base barter skill for static prices (in case if dynamic vending prices bother you).


Compatibility and requirements

  • Supports DLCs, Tale of Two Wastelands and New California.
  • Incompatible with any mod, changing vending machine scripts (will override them). Should be compatible with everything else.
  • Compatible with Loot Menu and Just Loot Menu.
  • Requires JIP LN NVSE. Install MCM to be able to change some options.


Modder’s resource

The mod allows to make a vending machine for any kind of items. Read more.


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  1. Does the vending machine restock its content, or once you buy off drinks from it, they’re gone forever?

    1. This mod does not manage respawning of containers. Most containers, including vending machines, do not respawn in FNV. Check the respawning flag on every container separately in xEdit to know for sure.

  2. By “Incompatible with any mod, changing vending machine scripts” do you mean mods that add more Nuka Cola?

    1. No. It means scripts attached to the vending machine containers (see the example). Scripts adding more drinks are almost never implemented this way.

  3. Nice to meet you. It’s a good mod. Wouldn’t it be possible to sell Victory –Quartz in the future?(in ttw too)
    These colas are too rare to be used at all during play.
    It’s okay if it’s expensive, so it would be nice if I could get it at a sales machine.

    1. This mod does not change leveled lists, it only adds the vending menu. You can install any mod adding Victory/Quartz, like this one.

  4. Cool mod. Installed now.
    I do have a small suggestion regarding the requirements for repairing unowned machines. It should randomly decide if scrap electronics and/or scrap metal to be used.