Stash Organizer automatically organizes your items in any interior cell. It was written from scratch as a modern, mobile alternative to Sortomatic, and reimplements most of its functions.




Inventory management

  • Can be enabled in any unowned or player-owned interior cell.
  • Supports exterior cells, owned by player.
  • Can sort your items to configured containers.
  • Allows to select specific categories of items for removal, globally or per cell.
  • Allows manual sorting.
  • Allows to configure keep list, always remove list, and quotas to keep.
  • By default, keeps equipped, hotkeyed, and pinned in Just Weapon Hweel weapons, ammo, and armor.
  • Items can be retrieved by category, perk, repair target, crafting list. Or, you can retrieve everything, of course.
  • Can pull ammo for all carried weapons.
  • The system will remember where you put your items manually, and use that as their default destination.
  • Item-specific destinations can be overviewed via container menu.
  • Containers can be marked as ignored: they won’t be re-sorted automatically or marked as default destination, when you put something in it.
  • Default destinations and cells in general can be reset through the master container menu.
  • For a small fee, items can be sent between different stashes via Mojave Express.
  • Allows to rename cells and containers.


Crafting improvements

  • Automatic use of crafting supplies from all managed containers in the current cell.
  • Automatic use of crafting supplies from companions – this feature is enabled everywhere, not only in player homes
  • Supports recipes from all mods.
  • Supports all types of workbenches, including mod-added ones.


Compatibility and requirements


  • Supports all DLC, TTW and mods.
  • Can be used alongside Sortomatic, just don’t activate them in the same cells.
  • Compatible with any loot menu.
  • Requires all main DLCs and JIP LN NVSE 56.42+.


How to use it


Find any unowned interior cell with a container. Point at the container and press the VATS hotkey. Confirm marking it as a master container.


Now, all container menus are accessible through the VATS key. (The hotkey would not be necessary without loot menus, they brought some corrections.)


Master container menu is your central point of access. It allows you to process your inventory, retrieve items and change settings. Hotkey activation on any other container in the cell opens the “Default Destinations” menu. You can assign a container to any item categories. Also, this menu allows to make any slave container a master.


All unsorted (homeless) items stay in the master container.


Hotkey activation ‘into the air’ temporarily highlights all activated containers.


You can take and put items into containers normally. Putting item into the master automatically moves the item, if there is a default destination for it. Putting item into a container makes the container a default destination for this specific item.


In configuration, you can select, which items always stay in your inventory, which are always removed, and quotas of items to keep.


The mod only manages containers you configured. If there are items in an unconfigured container, they will be left where they are.


The mod also has a few cheat codes.


Beware of respawning interiors


Generally, it’s safe to use in any player home. Almost all containers and interiors in Fallout 3/NV do not respawn, but you should always check before establishing a camp somewhere. The mod will prevent you from activating a respawning or owned container automatically. When in doubt, consult Fallout wiki (FO3, FNV). Or test cells by yourself: put an item into a container, leave the cell, and wait outside for 75 hours. If your item is still there and NPCs did not respawn, the cell is ok to stay in.


The mod does not manage respawning of cells or containers in any way, it only moves items between containers. Choosing a home, follow the same logic as without the mod. If NPCs steal your stuff, that’s completely on you.


Recommended lStewieAl’s Tweaks


; remove companions from VATS
bIgnoreCompanionsVATS = 1

; Allow use of WASD keys as arrows in menus, and E and space to accept
; Also, allows to use Tab to close dialogs, making navigating Stash Organizer menus faster.
bUseWASDAsArrowKeys = 1


Main Files

Size: 35 KB
Uploaded: 30 July, 2021 18:13
Downloaded: 26643 times

Optional Files

Item Sorter 1.0

ESP-less add-on, adding grouping prefixes to Aid and Misc items. No configuration. Requires xNVSE 6+.

Size: 387 B
Uploaded: 30 July, 2021 18:13
Downloaded: 9669 times

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  1. thx for the reply. i loaded the mod with geck but couldn’t find the line , as it’s my first time using it.
    i tried many tutorials without any success. could you please tell me where exactly is ESxFnFillQuotas.

    1. Select Stash Organizer as Active File when the GECK starts.
      After the file is loaded, enter “ESxFnFillQuotas” in the Filter field in the Object Window (top left).
      Then on the left side select either *All at the bottom, or Miscellaneous -> Script.

    1. The unburdening process doesn’t show any popups, you are probably talking about re-supplying according to your quotas. To disable those messages, comment out or remove the line
      MessageExAlt 1 "%g %n(s) added" iCount rBase
      from ESxFnFillQuotas, using GECK.

  2. Update: I just tested with a barebones TTW install, Brisa (for a quick companion), JIP CCC, and this mod and the nakedness doesn’t happen now. So maybe that’s something else. The ingredients, however, still don’t get recognized during crafting.

    1. I use Stash Organizer and love it. In the latest versions of the Brisa Companion, I put a check if Stash Organizer is loaded. I then put the rESxTokenIgnore object in her container as well as all of her clothing and weapon containers. As far as JIP CCC crafting though, I have no idea as I don’t use it.

  3. JIP Companions Command and Control has a feature that allows you to command one of your companions to use a crafting station. The companion is required to have the necessary ingredients in their inventory. Unfortunately, with this mod enabled, the ingredients are not being detected, even though they are in their inventory both before and after the crafting session. Oh, and as a bonus, your companion strips naked when exiting crafting (sounds similar to what Byrness reported below). Is there a solution? Or do we chalk this up as an incompatibility?

    1. Because Nexus declared all mods now belong to them, and I don’t like to be treated as a free labor force.

  4. Created a Master in some random place and I can’t remember where it is.
    Is there a way to delete a master with a command?
    Since I am too dense to find it.

    1. If you know the cell but can’t remember the container, you can activate any other container and make it a master.

      If you can’t remember the cell, there is no reason to delete it, you can create unlimited number of masters in other cells. Although, you can see the list of activated cells in the “send items” menu (create a master elsewhere, and choosing a destination, you will see the list of cells).

      A cell can be deactivated through the master menu.

      1. Thanks for the reply.
        That is the issue, I wanted to remove from the “send items” menu.
        But I can’t remember where the cell is, and with that the container.

        1. Try in console:
          ar_dump (RefMapArrayGetKeys "_sorters")
          It should show you the list of active cells. And then coc EditorIdOfCell will move you there, so you will know where it is.

          1. You are a legend.
            Just came home and used this, worked 100%.
            You could add this to the mod description.

  5. Sorry, i didn’t check the typo. Here is my correct comment:

    Hi Eddoursul. I install your mod and it worked so well. But i have a question? There are some mod on Nexus that add crafting station which acts as ingestable items or weapons. When i activate those crafting stations, all the items which that crafting station using will be transfered to my inventory. Is there any way to make crafting from activated-in-inventory crafting stations working as normal crafting stations (crafting stations as activator in game-mode)? It’s not the issues so far since i can change the recipes category and sub recipes in FNVEdits.Thank you so much for creating this mod.

  6. This looks cool. Do containers and/or crafting benches in the interior cell where Stash Organizer is being used need to be set as persistent to ensure proper function? Maybe even need Ref IDs? I’m sure there’s plenty of scripting going on to have this mod work.

  7. Hey there,
    awesome mod! Neat execution and pretty lightweight in its usage. 🙂

    The recognition of weapons assigned to the weapon wheel added by the mod Just Assorted Mods does not seem to work, though. Maybe this here mod only recognises the older standalone version of Just Weapon Hweel? If so, an update would be greatly appreciated.

    Anyway, great work on this one. Thank you so much!

    1. Yeah, yvile sometimes completely rewrites his stuff, most likely needs an update, thanks for the heads up.

  8. Does the function: Automatic use of crafting supplies from companions – this feature is enabled everywhere, not only in player homes. Have a script to check if said item is equipped? I regularly have it happen that companions who are wearing or using a weapon/armor set unequip it and hand it back to me.

    1. It doesn’t. It’s a known issue with mod-added recipes using weapons and armor as ingredients.

      1. Alright thanks for the quick response. An is item equipped check would be a cool feature but I don’t want to impose.

        Seriously good mod though
        Thank you for making it

        1. Or suggestion, a toggle (through INI or MCM) for using companion inventories. For context I have nearly no modding skill myself and have no clue how difficult this would be to add so it’s merely a suggestion not even a request.

  9. Love the item sorting among the containers. Also using your item sorter to find things easier in Hardcore Mode. However, in my game I see that Nuka Cola is listed under ingredients, and not as H2O – is there a way to address this myself, or something known? I’ve been building my addons around Gopher’s latest playthrough.

      1. Is there a way to tweak this? As can be seen in Gopher’s playthrough it is marked as H2O rather than ingredient, which makes sense on hardcore as it is a drink.

        1. The condition for the H2O tag is:
          elseif eval (call ESxFnHasEffect rBase RestoreDehydrationLevel) && 0 == call ESxFnHasEffect rBase RestoreStarvationLevel

          This means, Nuka Cola does not quench thirst in your modlist, so your point about hardcore does not apply to it. Open the GECK or xEdit, and add RestoreDehydrationLevel to Nuka Cola to mark it with H2O (and remove DamageDehydrationLevel, if present).

  10. Like this mod a lot, but for some reason the game will eat crafting materials when using this mod and storing items, not sure if it’s a conflict or what. Works for a while, then next time I mouse over a container it’s empty and all my lead, hulls, powder, hammers, duct tape, etc are gone.

    Works fine for anything else, though. Never had a weapon, armor, or food item get dissolved.

  11. Am using SO + Item Sorter, works fine, but for some reason Magasines are removed every time I do a “Unburden” even though I have Mags in the “Always keep” category


    1. Yes, indeed, magazines are ignored in “Always Keep”, I’ll look into it.
      As a fix, go to Configure -> Categories to remove -> uncheck “Magazines”, this one works.

  12. For some reason my game crashes when trying to use any crafting station within The Sink, after having configured all my containers. I tried crafting stuff before setting a master container and stuff, and it works fine, but as soon as my materials are in a sorted container, BAM! trying to use a station crashes to desktop.

    This had been working perfectly before. Any idea what might be happening?

    1. NVM, for some reason retrieving everything through the master container and then having it sort it all again fixed the crafting stations.

      1. Eddoursoul, coming here just to say how genius this is. Remembering the predecessor mod „Sortomatic“ and this great invention: what a beauty. Thank you from my heart, this is a game changer in its simplicity! Mike

    2. Also ran into this. Retrieving and resorting also fixed it for me.

      Do you think it could be the items already present in the inventories, and the sorter not knowing what to do with them?

  13. Hello, Eddoursul. Don’t suppose you know anything about why the game temporary freezes for about 2 seconds when I attempt to make an access to either workbench, reloading bench inside of the cell with a master container?

    It’s kinda weird. It happens every other attempts, and between those two, I don’t get any freeze. So it would be freeze > no freeze > freeze > no freeze so on and so fourth.

  14. I have used this mod along with the modded Mobile Truck Base for a good amount of time last year. This year I started a new save and it still works, but everytime I leave the van all the preferences of items and categories are reset and I get the prompt to “Make master container” again. Don’t know what’s happening, haven’t changed my modlist except updating NVSE and JIP LN

    1. Your NVSE co-save breaks, can’t tell why. Although, if it happens after NVSE update, the update is the culprit.

  15. Would it be possible to get an MCM or something so that we can disable the behavior of keeping ALL ammo for the guns currently hotbar’d/weapon wheel’d? I’d like to be able to only hold on to the varieties of ammo I specify, for instance I only want to keep .308 Match and I keep all forms of .308 because I have a sniper rifle on the wheel, and it was quite confusing when the other ammo wasn’t shifting out of my inventory the way I thought it was going to.

        1. Additionally, if I don’t have it, I can’t accidentally reload to it in impatience as I wait for a kill-slomo to end.

  16. Just wanted to say thank you for making this mod. I exclusively stuck to sortomatic enabled homes because of the amazing QoL. However, after a few playthroughs, the selection of sortomatic player homes were getting stale. Now I have the freedom to choose any home without feeling remorse.

  17. I’m having a slight issue with the mod:
    I’m playing with a controller and i also am using just mods assorted and stewies tweaks.

    well I prefer using the bullet time function from just mods instead of vats and so id used stewies tweaks to unbind the vats key from my controller and im using a remapper program to map the bullet time function to the vats button.

    problem is doing this means i cant get the menu for this mod to appear unless i disable the controller and use kb/m.

    would it be possible to add a separate rebindable key to act as the activator in addition to the vats key?
    so like i could press L or K or something instead of having to have the vanilla controller binds?

    Edit: repost due to problem with comment getting borked. (sorry if there is a double post, my browser is acting up)