Stash Organizer automatically organizes your items in any interior cell. It was written from scratch as a modern, mobile alternative to Sortomatic, and reimplements most of its functions.




Inventory management

  • Can be enabled in any unowned or player-owned interior cell.
  • Supports exterior cells, owned by player.
  • Can sort your items to configured containers.
  • Allows to select specific categories of items for removal, globally or per cell.
  • Allows manual sorting.
  • Allows to configure keep list, always remove list, and quotas to keep.
  • By default, keeps equipped, hotkeyed, and pinned in Just Weapon Hweel weapons, ammo, and armor.
  • Items can be retrieved by category, perk, repair target, crafting list. Or, you can retrieve everything, of course.
  • Can pull ammo for all carried weapons.
  • The system will remember where you put your items manually, and use that as their default destination.
  • Item-specific destinations can be overviewed via container menu.
  • Containers can be marked as ignored: they won’t be re-sorted automatically or marked as default destination, when you put something in it.
  • Default destinations and cells in general can be reset through the master container menu.
  • For a small fee, items can be sent between different stashes via Mojave Express.
  • Allows to rename cells and containers.


Crafting improvements

  • Automatic use of crafting supplies from all managed containers in the current cell.
  • Automatic use of crafting supplies from companions – this feature is enabled everywhere, not only in player homes
  • Supports recipes from all mods.
  • Supports all types of workbenches, including mod-added ones.


Compatibility and requirements


  • Supports all DLC, TTW and mods.
  • Can be used alongside Sortomatic, just don’t activate them in the same cells.
  • Compatible with any loot menu.
  • Requires all main DLCs and JIP LN NVSE 56.42+.


How to use it


Find any unowned interior cell with a container. Point at the container and press the VATS hotkey. Confirm marking it as a master container.


Now, all container menus are accessible through the VATS key. (The hotkey would not be necessary without loot menus, they brought some corrections.)


Master container menu is your central point of access. It allows you to process your inventory, retrieve items and change settings. Hotkey activation on any other container in the cell opens the “Default Destinations” menu. You can assign a container to any item categories. Also, this menu allows to make any slave container a master.


All unsorted (homeless) items stay in the master container.


Hotkey activation ‘into the air’ temporarily highlights all activated containers.


You can take and put items into containers normally. Putting item into the master automatically moves the item, if there is a default destination for it. Putting item into a container makes the container a default destination for this specific item.


In configuration, you can select, which items always stay in your inventory, which are always removed, and quotas of items to keep.


The mod only manages containers you configured. If there are items in an unconfigured container, they will be left where they are.


The mod also has a few cheat codes.


Beware of respawning interiors


Generally, it’s safe to use in any player home. Almost all containers and interiors in Fallout 3/NV do not respawn, but you should always check before establishing a camp somewhere. The mod will prevent you from activating a respawning or owned container automatically. When in doubt, consult Fallout wiki (FO3, FNV). Or test cells by yourself: put an item into a container, leave the cell, and wait outside for 75 hours. If your item is still there and NPCs did not respawn, the cell is ok to stay in.


The mod does not manage respawning of cells or containers in any way, it only moves items between containers. Choosing a home, follow the same logic as without the mod. If NPCs steal your stuff, that’s completely on you.


Recommended lStewieAl’s Tweaks


; remove companions from VATS
bIgnoreCompanionsVATS = 1

; Allow use of WASD keys as arrows in menus, and E and space to accept
; Also, allows to use Tab to close dialogs, making navigating Stash Organizer menus faster.
bUseWASDAsArrowKeys = 1


Main Files

Size: 35 KB
Uploaded: 30 July, 2021 18:13
Downloaded: 20176 times

Optional Files

Item Sorter 1.0

ESP-less add-on, adding grouping prefixes to Aid and Misc items. No configuration. Requires xNVSE 6+.

Size: 387 B
Uploaded: 30 July, 2021 18:13
Downloaded: 8203 times

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  1. Love the mod, great work, altough have one suggestion for the next feature, and if physically possible in game, a new mod idea.

    Suggested Feature is to have a dedicated container for Quota Levels, which restocks itself after certain interval/cellchange.
    Toggleble/switchable for Users, most usefull for those using FO4-style Lootmenu, quickly picking certain item,

    Suggested Mod ‘physically’ stock world objects, using contents from Stash Cell-based containers, when activated gives that item.

    I seen this way back in Fallout 3, within a mod ‘Underground Hideout’ by danthegeek, ‘hardcoded’ to specific cell/container.
    For example each individual 10mm ammo box was a separate activator with a script to them, individual but slight difference.

    Often wondered how to automated the process, as i did some tweaking myself for the Ingredient Sorter/spawner for the Alchemy section of the addon i made for Private Mobile Base made by Henkbein, for Morrowind.

    A framework with a usage single Cell & Container with a maximum 10 instances of the same world object would be workable.
    The idea is either through use of automated scripts and/or other contributors, the list with ‘valid’ objects would gradually grow.

      1. When Sorting, the system takes 1640x 10mm Ammo of player and stores them a dedicated container.
        Similair various other sorting mods, most of them hardcoded to specific Cell/Container, (so far i know).

        Danthegeek’s ‘Underground Hideout’ (fo3/nv) had a additional option to ‘STOCK’ items, physically.
        This was done with fake 10mm item, that disables itself and provides the player with Ammo, when activated.

        Afterwhich pressing a button on the Ammo shelves, allows to re-enable these Items, if there is enough ammo within its dedicated container, which decrease by said amount.

        Can this be done similarly as Stash organizer, maybe as a Plugin?

      2. The other idea was a suggestion for a feature for Stash Organizer, by itself a niche feature.

        Remember Quota Levels menu?
        Instead of adding it directly to the player, can be a (seperate) option to a dedicated container.
        Along with a menu that determines the interval for automatic restocking said container

      3. Another suggested ‘niche’ feature?

        Dedicated Container to Send Items to other Stashes, no prompt asking for Money, but doesnt work without it.

    1. Although I have one nag to go on about; is there a way to stops the ‘item added’ messages when you select ‘unburden me’, without necessarily disabling the ‘item added’ message all-together?

      1. Sure – run the GECK, edit script ESxFnFillQuotas, remove MessageExAlt 1 "%g %n(s) added" iCount rBase.

  2. “Supports exterior cells, owned by player”. What are the instances of this happening, and is there a way to claim ownership of an exterior cell, for example using console? I often make my own homes using Feng Shui and a few other mods, but they’re almost always in the exterior, so I’d love to know if there’s a way to use this mod’s features in them.

    1. Exterior cells have the ownership attribute the same way as interior ones. Open xEdit, find the cell, and change its owner to Player. SO will start working in it.

      1. Nice ! Because my “home” is the alley between Chet’s general store and Trudy’s saloon, with my bed in the trailer directly behind there. So it appears I can make this area player owned and use this mod.

  3. I am just a random dude that happened to be born in the USSR and now living in Russia. What am I supposed to do, go protesting on the streets and risk getting a 15 year sentence just to get access to your mod? Put a banner on the page if that’s how you choose to signal your civil position but banning all Russian NV fans looks like kicking a little man. You are not a public company that has to comply with sanctions to uphold its stock price ffs.

    1. You live in a fascist state with huge popular support of the war and expect to continue having access to the good stuff the world has to offer? This is not going to happen. You fucked up as a nation, you take responsibility as a nation. I don’t care how you solve this – start a revolution, move to another country, or download a VPN client. As a Belarusian, I got enough reasons to block Russia even without the war. Now Belarusians are being discriminated and ostracized all over the world because of you, even already being refugees from our regime. “One people” my ass. I will not be answering any more questions on this matter.

  4. Trying to rename a container in a custom house right now, and it simply won’t do it/stick. Is this feature working as intended? Both when hovering over the container, and in the container management menu, it uses the old name of the container instead of the one I gave it.

    1. Or actually, it’s only when hovering that it shows the old, incorrect name. Gonna guess there’s nothing to be done about it, thanks for the great mod.

      1. If you are talking about JLM, it should be updated to use a specific function for getting ref-specific names to support renames.

    2. Yeah, just checked with xNVSE 6.2.7 + JIP LN 56.56, some update has broken renaming. I’ll find a new workaround for this.
      Ah, it works as intended, just allows to rename containers when no categories or items are assigned to it. In this case, names won’t stick. I’ll either make them stick anyway, or hide the option in the next update.

  5. “For a small fee, items can be sent between different stashes via Mojave Express.”

    Does this only work in the Mojave or can I use it in TCW?

  6. Anyone else had a problem with the master container being forgotten and needing to be re-set?
    The container in question is a copy of the footlocker I made for an interior mod of the Megaton player home in TTW:

    Stash Organizer has been working flawlessly up until I started updating to TTW 3.3, the only major changes I have made that seem relevant are the update to TTW and an update to the interior cell where the containers I am using are. The update I made in my mod was to the carry over the new TTW’s change to the interiors encounter zone, designed to prevent the cell resetting.

    Stash organizer is now periodically forgetting my master container (not sure if it is based on game time or game relaunch) so I will look at it, press V, and instead of the sorting menu it will ask if I want to make it the master storage. All the items I have placed in containers around the cell are still where they should be, and if I re-enable the container as master and select unburden me again, everything will be placed back in the master, ignoring previously established sorting locations. Categories I have set not to remove are still remembered after resetting the container (meaning also that they are not sorted back into master) but any quotas or always keep/remove lists are forgotten.

    Really just interested in any suggestions on where to start on troubleshooting this, as both of the changes I have made that seem relevant are either a big version update I have no control over, or apparently necessary to stop cell respawn.

    1. Your co-save breaks, probably affecting other mods, too. I don’t know what’s causing it, might be some mod or a bug in xNVSE.

      1. Thank you so much for your help! I actually didn’t know what a co-save was, so I looked around a bit, your diagnostics told me of a bug in the xnvse version I was using that was related to cyberware, so I checked their discord and there are beta builds that mention a co-save bug, going to update and keep an eye on things.

  7. I noticed that the Atomic Cocktail is counted as a Chem instead of alcohol. Weapon Repair Kits are also counted as Chems.

    1. Atomic Cocktail is a food item with chem effects, hence it’s a chem. Change its type to Alcohol in xEdit or move it manually to always send it to spirits.
      I did consider adding a group for “tools”, but there were too few items falling into this category, so I decided not to clutter the menu. Instead, I suggest to use manual item placing for Weapon Repair Kits and Stealth Boys.
      (Once you moved an item into a container, the container becomes a designated destination for this item.)

  8. Me again, just making a housing mod, and just checking, if I duplicate an empty container in the GECK and put the duplicate in the house, will that be compatible with this? Trying to copy and work with duplicates where I can, so I don’t end up accidentally messing anything up or making incompatibilities

  9. Works wonders, and is much less… “clunky” than Sortomatic.
    I just have one question; would it be possible to have the container sorting saved between save games?

  10. Hello, I noticed a problem with Boone. Each time I use a workbench, its equipped items are removed and then marked as owned. I turned off using crafting components from containers and companions with the method you showed somewhere below and it fixed itself. But the lack of this feature is annoying for me. Equipment removal does not happen with any other companion, but marking as owned does at least with ED-e.

    1. What do you mean by marked as owned?
      The mod moves only crafting supplies. Which exactly equipped items it removes? To think of it, it may affect gear if it’s added to some recipe by a mod. Does this apply to your case? (I will add form type checks, though.)

      1. Yeah, all three armors i tried on him is used in a recipe from ADAM. So that is solved, but still Hunting Rifle i give him is unequipped and all other items he’s carrying are marked red when i use workbench and then take it from him.

  11. I’ve got a pristine vending machine from TTW, and every time I use it to make a nuka cola ice cold it just disappears, not showing up inside the machine. The only thing I can think of is that the stash thing I’m using is moving it somewhere I can’t find or deleting it somehow. Any ideas?

      1. Darn it, thank you. It worked briefly before it stopped. I guess I’ll just go back to using nuka-chemist for my cold brews.

        1. It should be fine to have them installed together, just using its container for sorting seems problematic.

    1. Nobody requested it so far, so no. I can add it to the next patch, seems reasonable.
      To do this now, try this trick:
      1. Install JohnnyGuitar NVSE.
      2. Add file data\nvse\plugins\scripts\gl_disable_ext_crafting.txt
      3. Add to it:
      SetOnMenuOpenEventHandler ESxOnCrafting 0 1077
      SetOnMenuCloseEventHandler ESxOnCrafting 0 1077

      1. Thanks, I’ll try that.
        I’m asking bc I use JIP Companions Command and Control that allows companions to use their skills to craft things. Problem is that every time Veronica tries to use a workbench, all the content in her inventory is transferred to me and prevents her to be able to craft anything.

  12. I’ve marked Pre-war Money to be Always Keep but it gets put into the master container, meaning it wasn’t sorted. I haven’t assigned a container for money, prefer to carry it on me.

    1. Yes, I see the issue, thanks. This filter does not work for Pre-War Money and DM gold, will be fixed in the next version. Right now, you can work around it by disabling Money removal in general settings.

  13. Could this be adapted to a Pip-Boy Organizer mod that allows us to create arbitrary Pip-Boy organizers using the same configurable sorting logic you have here?

    For example, use the MCM to create a Chems item that collects all loose chems:

    • Clicking on Chems will hide all loose chems in Pip-Boy inventory
    • Clicking again brings them back into the Pip-Boy inventory
    • Chems is itself an item of type magazine so it sorts the same way in inventory
    • Any chems assigned to hotkey or weapon hweel slots could stay loose, as in this mod not unburdening them

    Original thought was it’d be great to hide all the loose magazines with a “book bag” before realizing your mod’s sorters would be a more general solution.

    Only similar mod I could find is Hide Immersion-Breaking Items:

    1. This logic is too convoluted for MCM, you’d have to make it hardcoded.
      Other than that – yes, it’s possible, but it’s still very different from Stash Organizer, they’d share maybe a few ‘if’ conditions.
      (No, I’m not interested.)

      1. Yeah, that would be simpler and better. There are only a fixed number of item types you’d want to hide. The Universal Item Sorter mod – – has a mode where it puts separators between items in the pip-boy. Very useful for Aid/Misc. If those separators were controls that would hide/show their contents when toggled, you’d get the same effect but with a nice UI on top of it.

        Thanks for this mod – I just set up Mobile Truck Base Remastered with it and it’s simply brilliant.

  14. This mod is fantastic and I wish I’d known about it right from the start of this run, would’ve made the Goodsprings gas station an even better starting home. The interface and functionality are well thought through and beautifully implemented. Thanks!

  15. Not shure where to report bugs, so I report my findings here:
    This mod has a problem detecting containers with custom models. When assigning category, selected menu item becomes stuck and cannot be unchecked and container is ignored in sorting process. Token assignition problem, probably?
    I’ve use these mods and they all have same symptoms:
    NV Animation for Not Animated Containers (
    Animations For Not Animated Containers (
    Fixed Non-Animated Ammo Box (

    1. a) Incompatibility with some other mod is not a bug.
      b) Point me at some specific problematic container+mod, and I’ll look into it.

      1. a) Tomayto, tomahto, it ruins the functionality and that’s most important part.
        b) Well, any vanilla container with alrted models. Those three are the most notisable, as they change alot of them. W/O those mods everyting works as intended. And most puzzling factor for me is that none of those mods has ESP’s, ESM’s or scrips, just tweaked meshes.
        Also, forgot to check yesterday, console prints “Unable to find a sorter in ths cell” when setting up new master container in fresh cell.

          1. Any container using “…\Meshes\Architecture\Nellis AFB\NVNellisCrateSmall.nif” mesh for Fixed Non-Animated Ammo Box. Try “LootAmmoBoxNV” or “VLootAmmoBoxNVGen14”, I used former for testing, as for “NV Animation for Not Animated Containers” try “NVDLC04LootMetalBoxLead01″ for DLC or “VLootWoodenCrateGen15” for base game containers.

            1. Those are baseforms, I’m asking for container references, you actually have issues with.

              Fixed Non-Animated Ammo Box with 13971A and 155f25 (LootAmmoBoxNV) – can’t reproduce.
              VLootAmmoBoxNVGen14 and VLootWoodenCrateGen15 are unused.
              NVDLC04LootMetalBoxLead01 is used 4 times only in exterior.

              1. Ok, maybe just showing will yield some clarity.

                Ex 1: – Vanilla motel room with some additional containers pasted in, without creating new baseforms, in W/O mesh altering mod. Everything works as intended.

                Ex 2: – Vanilla motel room with some additional containers pasted in WITH mesh altering mod. Same containers, different results.

                Same happens in different cells.

                    1. I had this same problem. I think the cause for me was the mod Just Assorted Mods. It contains nif files for various containers and hiding them with MO2 or letting something else overwrite them caused the containers to work again.

                    2. I had another, reproducible, report about this, and we managed to find what causes it on Discord. It’s a bug in the JIP LN function ‘PlayAnimSequence’, passed by proxy by Just Loot Menu. As JLM doesn’t have an option to disable container animations, I can only suggest to wait until it’s fixed.
                      UPDATE: Should be fixed as of JIP LN 56.42.