Adds MCM panel with skill book checklist. Contains all book locations and hints to find them. (Big kudos to all Fallout wiki contributors.) Hints are accessible on mouseover, hence are completely optional. Found books get toggled automatically, when they are added to player’s inventory. Does not work retroactively, therefore it’s better to have it enabled from the start of the game.


Automatically detects books:
– laying around,
– in containers,
– on NPCs,
– quest rewards (only vanilla),
– crafted with the OWB skill book recipes,
– random books from the HH workbench crates.


Can, optionally, scan cells on enter and notify, if there are skill books to find.




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  1. Hi, great mod. BTW, the location for Tumblers Today on the third floor of the Roosevelt Academy is wrong. It’s in a room adjacent to the locker room, on a desk with two ammunition boxes and a working radio; but the current description says it’s in a room with a locked safe on a desk nearby the safe.

      1. Thanks. BTW, TTW adds a copy of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor to the Vault 101 during escape in Dad’s room. It also can be obtained during Trouble on the Homefront. Here is a pic:

        I’m pretty sure this is not in the original Fallout 3.

  2. Hi Eddoursul,

    just wanted to drop a big THANK YOU! for all your well thought out and helpfull mods.

    One suggestion/question though: Wouldn’t it be a brillant thing to have all of your mods within one installer (FOMOD with selections?) and the possibility to tweak everything via a single MCM menu with sub menues like the original PN offerd? It is just that they eat up ESPs and I am refraining from merging them with Wryebash or something. I am far from being an expert with FNVEdit, can just handle some basics, so maybe I am just suggesting nonsense. If so, nevermind.

    Anyways, thanks alot for your beautifull work!


    1. Megapacks are indeed may be more convenient to end users, but they are less so to modders. Large mods are more difficult to maintain, update, and refactor, taking away all the fun from making them.