Monitors all found weapons and armors and automatically forms an MCM checklist. The panel lists all items in alphabetical order, found ones first, then all remaining.


Inventory is rechecked for new items after closing barter, container, or recipe menu without running scripts in GameMode. Right after install, visit the mod’s MCM panel to import your inventory.


Does not work retroactively. For best results, the mod should be enabled from the start of the game. Still, it’s possible to import all items from your stash. Take all your weapons and armor and return to game mode for a second. Done! Everything can be stashed back. Putting items in and out without leaving container mode does not count.


Load order does not matter.






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  1. Hi Eddoursul! Thank you for your hard work on these fantastic mods. They’re very useful for me since I love collecting everything I can as well as keeping track of things. I’m having some trouble with both Gear Checklist and Skill Book Checklist and was wondering if you might have any advice.

    I spent a lot of time importing my items from various containers in player home storage to the Gear Checklist and manually ticking books off the Skill Book Checklist, only to realise later on that all of my data in both MCMs had been lost — my Skill Book Checklist is now totally empty, and I received corner notifications that the few items I do keep in my Pip-Boy inventory were now being added to Gear Checklist all over again. Would you happen to know what might have caused this, and how I can prevent it from happening again in future? Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. The stats are stored in the NVSE co-save file (*.nvse). If it gets corrupted due to broken data written by a mod, a bug in NVSE, or any other reason, data from all mods gets discarded. I can’t tell for sure, what exactly caused the loss of data. There was, for instance, a bug in now removed xNVSE 6.2.6 beta 3.
      I did once encounter this issue when I upgraded JIP LN. Your report gave me an idea to store data in JSON files instead.

      1. I see, thank you for your quick reply! I do update all of my NVSE plugins very regularly, and I have a heavy mod list which can make it difficult to pinpoint the source of an issue.

        I’ll keep an eye out for your next update on this mod as well as Skill Book Checklist then, and hold off on repopulating the MCMs until then. Thanks again! 🙂