Power Armor helmets and other high-tech gear now enable enhanced vision modes like Night Vision, Heat Vision and EM Vision. If there’s no Power Armor equipped as a power source, energy cells are required while these modes are active.


Extracted from Project Nevada, optimized and refactored.


Vision modes are enabled via special devices, already installed on some helmets:

Night vision
  • Any Power Armor helmet new!
  • Combat Helmet, Reinforced
  • Ranger Helmet
  • Hazmat Darklight Cowl (vanilla)
Heat vision
  • Enclave PA Helmet
  • Tesla Helmet
  • Combat Helmet, Reinforced Mark 2
  • Ranger Combat Helmet
EM vision
  • Gannon Tesla Helmet
  • Remnants Tesla Helmet
  • T51b PA Helmet


Upgrades for other kinds of helmets and eyeglasses can be purchased through the MCM panel:

  • Install night vision – 500 caps.
  • Install heat vision – 1200 caps.
  • Install EM vision – 800 caps.

(These are base prices, final prices are calculated using standard barter equation, accounting player’s skill.)


Hotkey Interoperability

Default activation hotkey – M.

If the hotkey matches hotkeys from the following mods and certain conditions are met, activation falls back to them:




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  1. Forgot to mention this only started after updating to TTW 3.3. Before that, no issues.

  2. I’ve found a bug.

    1 – Put the combat helmet reinforced on
    2 – Activate the option to make the nightvision brighter on MCM
    3 – Select any uniform that covers the head and remove the helmet
    4 – Put the helmet again

    The game will too bright

  3. How would I set the sound that plays upon activation to a custom sound without overwriting the vanilla pipboy ui light on sound? I tried editing and saving the script in GECK using a custom sound name but the script wouldn’t save. Will the script only recognize vanilla named sounds?

  4. Are the different variations of the ranger helmet affected too? (The one from HH, the riot gear ones from LR)

    And follow up questions, does this keep the sneak sight from the riot helmets from activating when crouching? Do those helmets use their own reddish tinted vision, or the green night vision shown on the screenshots?

  5. amazing mod! but its not shown on the mcm menu,i have installed adv.recon mod and it appears normally on the menu, do you know how to solve tis?

    1. It’s right in the description: “Upgrades for other kinds of helmets and eyeglasses can be purchased through the MCM panel”.

      1. i mean for new helmet items added by other mods. the mcm option does not display for those, and adding the helmet’s armor record to EV’s formlists doesn’t seem to do anything on its own, but i recall this working for the original PN EV. is there some extra step to adding it or some requirement on the new item’s armor record? some kind of tutorial or guide would be really appreciated

        1. Add proper biped slots to them in xEdit, ‘Hat’ is fine. Many mod-added helmets don’t have proper slots assigned. This is the main condition for items to appear in MCM.

  6. ok thenks i change to 49 N and work.
    butt now im happy becouse i install MCM after a lot tries,mayby im moder i dont know lol.

    butt now i see this,

    Project Nevada – Extra Options Night Vision Blur RemovalHow It Works:
    You can do this yourself. Just open the GECK, edit the Project Nevada – Extra Options file (set it as your master), go to All in the Object Window, find the script labeled PNxCVisionModeNight|SFX, change the Depth Of Field:Strength value to 0, then save.

    can i do this in my mod Enhanced Vision????????i try i faund somthing like that PNxCVisionModeNight|SFX in GECK BUTT nothing.

  7. can i change Default activation hotkey – M. with dont MCM ????

    for some reason i cant install MCM i dont know wy but i cant.

    and i have Cyberware 2281 and JIP MiniMap and have default key M .