Power Armor helmets and other high-tech gear now enable enhanced vision modes like Night Vision, Heat Vision and EM Vision. If there’s no Power Armor equipped as a power source, energy cells are required while these modes are active.


Extracted from Project Nevada, optimized and refactored.


Vision modes are enabled via special devices, already installed on some helmets:

Night vision
  • Any PA helmet new!
  • Combat Helmet, Reinforced
  • Ranger Helmet
  • Hazmat Darklight Cowl (vanilla)
Heat vision
  • Enclave PA Helmet
  • Tesla Helmet
  • Combat Helmet, Reinforced Mark 2
  • Ranger Combat Helmet
EM vision
  • Gannon Tesla Helmet
  • Remnants Tesla Helmet
  • T51b PA Helmet


Upgrades for other kinds of helmets and eyeglasses can be purchased through the MCM panel:

  • Install night vision – 500 caps.
  • Install heat vision – 1200 caps.
  • Install EM vision – 800 caps.

(These are base prices, final prices are calculated using standard barter equation, accounting player’s skill.)


Hotkey Interoperability

Default activation hotkey – M.

If the hotkey matches hotkeys from the following mods and certain conditions are met, activation falls back to them:





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Thank you! This mod is both immersive and practical- I’ve never played NV without it.

ok thenks i change to 49 N and work.
butt now im happy becouse i install MCM after a lot tries,mayby im moder i dont know lol.

butt now i see this,

Project Nevada – Extra Options Night Vision Blur RemovalHow It Works:
You can do this yourself. Just open the GECK, edit the Project Nevada – Extra Options file (set it as your master), go to All in the Object Window, find the script labeled PNxCVisionModeNight|SFX, change the Depth Of Field:Strength value to 0, then save.

can i do this in my mod Enhanced Vision????????i try i faund somthing like that PNxCVisionModeNight|SFX in GECK BUTT nothing.

can i change Default activation hotkey – M. with dont MCM ????

for some reason i cant install MCM i dont know wy but i cant.

and i have Cyberware 2281 and JIP MiniMap and have default key M .