Automatically pulls crafting supplies from the Secure Chest and puts them back.

By default, activates when you are in the vicinity of a secure chest, in an owned cell, or using a phasmalist station, and returns only the items you took from the chest.



  • Skyrim SE 1.5.x or 1.6.x (Steam or GOG)
  • Enderal SE 2.0.12 or newer
  • Address Library for SKSE Plugins (not needed for Steam Enderal).


(To pull supplies for quest potions, The Elixir and Cuthbert’s Legacy, open the achemy dialog twice. This is needed because the mod pulls supplies later than the prompts appear.)

Available INI options

LoadSuppliesEverywhere = true always autoloads supplies, regardless where you are.

StoreInventorySupplies = true returns all crafting supplies, including those you already had in your inventory and/or acquired after dismantling.
ShowFetchingNotification = true shows a corner notification, when supplies are being fetched.
ShowReturningNotification = true shows a corner notification, when supplies are being returned.

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