This mod adds a new artifact, Dremora Gem, allowing to convert any non-owned container in the game to any General Stores container or menu.


It’s rare, expensive and can be used only once. Because hey, cloud storage is cheating and makes carry weight irrelevant. That’s why I decided to make this feature resource-based. This gem can be found in the world, but I wouldn’t rely on this, there is much better chance to buy it from wizards and misc traders.


Once acquired, put one gem (only one) into an empty non-owned container – after that, the container becomes converted to a General Stores master chest, providing access to all GS containers:

To customize General Stores, activate the container while sneaking.


  • Change mode allows to change GS access from master chest to any other type: Weapons, Armor, Potions, etc., both via a smart menu or as a container. Subcontainers (shields, poisons, etc.) are supported. An activated container can be customized any time without spending more gems.
  • Original container opens original storage, which was converted. You’ll find an empty Black Soul gem there.
  • WARNING! Restore permanently removes GS feature from this container! To convert it again, a new gem is needed.




The mod should work fine with any normal container and an activator/container with linked container. The latter feature is used in complex player homes like Elysium Estate and Valkyrja Estate. Any other type of container may not work.


1.1 – Fixed compatibility with Quick Loot.



  • The mod overrides a few scripts from General Stores. It only disables container animation in GS Cistern which can’t be seen anyway from a player home. Also, it adds sorting functionality for gemstones. Mostly, it’s needed for Legacy of the Dragonborn, which adds more of them.
  • If you don’t care about balance and only want to effortlessly upgrade your home without spending gold, gems can be added via console: player.additem xx000819 20



Size: 45 KB
Uploaded: 30 July, 2021 02:31
Downloaded: 65 times

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  1. This is useful, thanks! As far as I can see, there’s no way to designate a General Stores container with items from all its containers in one place? Unlike your excellent Stash Organizer mod for F:NV. The other big missing feature is loadouts. Stash Organizer is the nicest mod of this type, IMO. But I’m very glad General Stores exists, of course.

    1. Mods may become incompatible with AE mostly in two cases:
      – they have DLLs,
      – they modify hudmenu.gfx (AE switched to hudmenu.swf, overriding it).
      This mod does not have either of those.

  2. Is it intended that the subcontainers do not show what’s in the main container?

    For example, if I deposit all into say a smithing smart mode chest, but then look at a smelting subcontainer, it does not show any ore as if the two storages are separate rather than a filtered version of the first.

    1. I made this mod so long time ago, I barely remember how it works 😀
      Your question is actually about General Stores internals. A quick glance into its ESP confirms that indeed it has two separate containers for Crafting and Smelting.

      1. Ah graci!

        This is my absolute favorite mod for working with General Stores. I don’t have to worry about any containers not being what I want because this one lets me pick and does it in a lore-friendly way. I love it.