When companions are in a familiar and safe environment, they automatically go into sandbox mode. Instead of following you, they wander around, eat, sleep, sit on a couch.


To allow sandboxing, a cell must:
– be without hostiles and corpses,
– have furniture or an idle marker,
– be visited more than once.


Supports vanilla and TTW companions any properly made companions and JIP CC&C.


Requires JIP LN NVSE and JohnnyGuitar NVSE.

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  1. Works very well, and a nice little immersion addition.

    Fawkes’ butt is too big for chairs- poor fella

  2. Does this allow companions to eat and drink without actually consuming an item? It sounds kind of silly, but I remember one of the official patches took out companion sandboxing in the Lucky 38 because they kept taking food and drink that the player obtained throughout their travels. I was thinking it’d be cool if companions played the animations for picking up items lying about and then going to consume them, without actually taking anything.

    1. There is a toggle for “Eating” in packages, which I turned off for home packages, mainly because it bothered some users. I think, this flag affects only the eating animation, you can toggle it back in GECK. As for actual consuming, I suspect there are more factors to it, and they are not dictated by packages (read: this mod).

  3. Good mod, however sometimes ‘lancement idle anim global” gets printed in the console numerous times, I wonder if its supposed to be this way or something wrong going on behind the scenes