Adds the ability to fill bottles from any source. Point at a water source, the interaction prompt will show if your first pressing of “Activate” will fill some bottles. Once it’s done, the prompt will change to vanilla action. If you don’t have any empty bottles, upgradeable liquids, or caps to seal them, you will see the vanilla prompt as usual.



The mod supports any bottle, added to the NVDLC03AllEmptyBottlesLIST formlist. Filling a bottle requires a bottle cap: don’t expect to get it back, consider it deformed after sealing a non-Nuka bottle.


Consumed drinks return empty bottles. Vodka, Beer and Wine now also have their own bottles. Drinks can be drained from the inventory menu via middle click (sorry, controller users).


Water and Brahmin Milk return random bottles because that’s what wastelanders, including you, use to carry them around.


The mod automatically upgrades drinks to better ones. Purified Water and Brahmin Milk are considered equal and don’t trump each other.


Brahmins can be milked by simply activating them. Keep in mind, that you are not the only person in the wasteland, who likes free milk, and many brahmins you encounter may have been milked recently (depends on your luck). Just come back later. Note that only milk brahmins can be milked. The rule of thumb is: if you can tip it, you can milk it.


Vault 13 Canteen is replaced with a replenishable quest item, working similarly to the GRX implant.

Tweaks and fixes

  • Empty bottles weigh 0.2 lbs.
  • Bottles have corresponding item icons in PipBoy instead of generic trash icon.
  • Automatically replaces the “No Float” version of Sunset Sarsaparilla bottle with the proper one.
  • Irradiated Water is considered worthless and has the same price as an empty bottle.
  • Empty bottles got their own pick up sounds with transparent Immersive Pickup Sounds support.



Main Files

Bottle Rinse Repeat 3.0

Changelog. 3.0 is NOT backward compatible with previous versions, it requires a new game. Installing mid-game is fine as long as a previous version is not installed.

Size: 137 KB
Uploaded: 16 August, 2021 00:45
Downloaded: 7765 times

Optional Files

Bottle Rinse Repeat 3.0 - TTW Patch

Distributes Brahmin Milk in DC, adds support for Aqua Pura.

Size: 816 B
Uploaded: 15 August, 2021 20:53
Downloaded: 6740 times

Bottle Rinse Repeat - Hardcore Mode

Enables hardcore mode - player receives water one level lower than in the source. You need to get the main file first.

Size: 261 B
Uploaded: 30 July, 2021 01:32
Downloaded: 765 times

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  1. Is there an easy way to add a qualifier or alternate key to provide more control to when the mod tries to fill your bottles?
    It’s driving me nuts when I try to loot something from a sink, toilet, etc., or maybe Mirelurk eggs, and next thing I know, I end up with 72 bottles of irradiated water, lol. It seems to happen even if I pick up the item, it will also detect there is water behind the item and refill my bottles, no matter how carefully I aim.
    It would be nice if I could use an alternate key, or maybe only gather water while crouching, or something along those lines, to determine when I bottle water.
    Thanks for your consideration!

  2. A little confused by the comment about draining bottles.
    is draining a bottle separate from drinking one and is that comment meant to indicate that the whole mod isent compatible with controllers or just that feature?

    1. Just that feature. Although, if you are a controller user, tell me what button or combination would you expect to work as draining bottles. The problem with the controller support is not always technical, adding event handlers is easy. The problem is not being familiar with common patterns and hotkeys on controllers.

      1. the Y button or perhaps the weapon modification key (left bumper) seeing as its not used in the aid section of the pipboy.

        although i would actually like to request an additional rebindable key be added as an option for those useing nonstandard controller set ups.
        I use stewies tweaks and have rebound/unbound a lot of the vanilla controller buttons to allow for additional hotkeys for other mods, so the option to pick a custom key would help alot.

  3. Really love the mod (especially with hardcore mode on), but is there a way to revert the changes for Vault 13 Canteen? I really wanna re-live the vanilla NV, and one of my most remembered thing is ‘You take a sip from your Vault 13 Canteen’

    1. There is absolutely no point in using vanilla Vault 13 Canteen with Bottle Rinse Repeat or any other bottling mod.
      Choose either this or that.

  4. its little dificult for me i found you here,
    butt i use and some ather mods from you ,chill companion,anhanged vision, stadh organizer, cyberware,water breatthing and diagnostic
    ok thenks for your mods and for your qwicly answers!!!

  5. ok men work, i like.i feel i have some mods in one esp
    sorry for spum and for my english

    i uncheck all bottle for food scraps and works together,
    i dont now if i dont uncheck

    1. Any empty bottle from Bottle Rinse Repeat and any mod-added bottle, added to NVDLC03AllEmptyBottlesLIST.

  6. isn’t there a water chart that’s supposed to be like a small cheat sheet? i went to the nexus in order to find it and instead found it hidden, so i came here like it said. there’s no chart now.

    where do i find dirty water, at the very least? ive tried from several places but it’s all irradiated.