ESP-less, light, and compatible lockpick minigame bypass, automatically spending bobby pins. In the lockpicking menu, it imitates holding F and unlocks containers without losing NPC detection, stats, etc. The screen still shows up for a second though.


Runs only on opening the lockpicking menu, no performance loss. Can be enabled/disabled any time.


Regular version spends bobby pins, taking into account lock level, your lockpicking skill and luck.

It adds a recipe for crafting bobby pins from scrap metal. To change the recipe output, edit the line “int iDefault = 15” in gr_auto_unlock_lite.txt. 0 disables the recipe.

To pick a lock normally, hold Left Shift during container activation.

If you allow picking locks of any level with bPickLocksWithoutSkill = 1 in lStewieAl’s Tweaks, deleveled locks will have to be picked manually.


Cheat version only quickly unlocks containers doing nothing else.


Requires xNVSE 6.23+ and JIP LN NVSE.

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      1. Okay then. If you want your mods to regress that’s your choice. It’s just a shame I overwrote the previous one seeing as how it’s not available anymore.