To Enderal SE


What is Enderal SE?

It is a community-made conversion of Enderal, allowing to play the game on the Skyrim Special Edition engine. SureAI DOES NOT provide any support for this version, please, report your issues with Enderal SE only on our Discord. Reporting bugs in other places is kinda pointless.

Who made it?

The conversion project has been started by me (Eddoursul), now it includes numerous contributions from other members of the Enderal community (notably, gavrant and OverDev), see the changelog. The game itself is still an intellectual property of SureAI (see credits.txt).

How this mod is different from the Steam version?

The Steam version is:

  • a full copy of Skyrim SE,
  • Enderal SE (this mod),
  • SkyrimRedirector.dll for custom INI configuration (Enderal.ini, EnderalPrefs.ini),
  • pre-installed requirements,
  • Engine Fixes, Im Sure, SSE Display Tweaks (locked to 90 FPS in Data\SKSE\Plugins\SSEDisplayTweaks.ini),
  • a custom launcher.

You must have Skyrim Special Edition added to your library in order to install Enderal Special Edition.


Frequently Asked Questions on Steam

Will Enderal be ported to Skyrim Anniversary Edition?

Playing Enderal on AE will become possible once its hard dependencies are updated:

  • SKSE – done, updated fs.dll is already posted.
  • JContainers – required for lycanthropy.
  • Flat Map Markers – fixes floating map markers.
Can I copy my old savegames to Enderal SE?

Short answer: No, you shouldn’t.


Long answer: We don’t know for sure how badly savegames are affected upon moving to the SSE engine, therefore it is highly recommended to start a new game. Seems like old Enderal savegames do work for many people, so at very least you have to clean them to avoid confirmed issues, caused by two instances of SkyUI:

  • Copy your old savegame to the Enderal SE savegames directory (normally, from My Documents\My Games\Enderal\Saves to My Documents\My Games\(Skyrim or Enderal) Special Edition\Saves, but the paths may differ depending on your mod manager).
  • Load it in Enderal SE, make a new save.
  • Open the new save in ReSaver.
  • Search for ski_ from the top left field. You will see SkyUI data in search results. Remove all script definitions, instances, and arrays, starting with ski_.
  • Save and close.
Can I play Enderal in VR?

Yes. See Enderal VR, maintained by sasa2727, and follow the #vr channel on our Discord server for instructions.

Can I use Enderal LE mods?

Enderal LE mods must be converted before using. The process is similar to porting mods from Skyrim LE to SE. Required reading:


Additionally, the following data must be forwarded from Enderal SE ESM files with xEdit:

  • Worldspace (WRLD) records. The paper map will not work correctly without this step.
  • Cell Editor IDs must not contain underscores, it breaks save grouping in the main menu. Changed Editor IDs must be forwarded as well.


Using custom LOD, make sure it does not override the file meshes\terrain\Vyn\vyn.32.-5.9.btr, containing the map.


Enderal’s dialoguemenu.swf contains an important addition to the game – it prevents important dialogs from being interrupted with Tab or Esc. Using UI overhauls, check if they contain dialoguemenu.swf, compatible with Enderal.

The map is broken.

If it looks like this, you are using an unconverted mod for Enderal LE:


See the previous question.


If it got broken after you generated LOD, you might overwrite the file meshes\terrain\Vyn\vyn.32.-5.9.btr – always back it up before LOD generation. It can be restored from E – SE.bsa.

Can't make a save in some locations.

Skyrim Special Edition introduced new start menu, separating savegames for different characters. For this feature to work correctly, cells must not have underscores in their Editor IDs. Enderal SE has all relevant records updated, but some old mods, made for LE, may revert these changes and break save grouping. Either remove the culprits, or fix Editor IDs in them. Meanwhile, all saves should be visible through “Show All Saves”.

Map markers are floating above the map.

Enderal SE must override Flat Map Markers SSE in your load order. Load Flat Map Markers SSE before Enderal SE.

Can I use my favorite Skyrim mods?

Short answer: Always assume a mod is incompatible until proven otherwise.


Long answer: Enderal uses heavily modified Skyrim.esm, incompatible with Skyrim. This makes all mods, relying on removed entries, incompatible with Enderal. Even if the entries still were there, the mods would still be useless, because they do not affect Enderal content. Some SSE mods are compatible. Follow the #modding channel on Discord and this list for recommendations.

Floor and walls are missing in Emporium, Riverville Mayor's house, etc.

You are using incompatible mesh replacers. Currently known mods causing this:

  • Static Mesh Improvement Mod – SMIM
  • Particle Patch for ENB
Characters are T-posing or do not perform certain animations after using FNIS or Nemesis.

Make sure you downloaded the Behaviors Pack from the file section and reordered your mods accordingly. If the issue persists, you might have an incompatible mod in your load order.

I can't open quest journal in dialogs.

Enderal prevents a lot of dialogs from being interrupted using custom dialoguemenu.swf. Instead of closing the dialog, it’s supposed to open quest journal. Unfortunately, this is the only feature we haven’t fully ported yet. It is expected to be fixed in further patches. If you really must exit right now, open console with ~ and run qqq.

I have crashes!

Re-verify game files first, both Steam and torrents allow to do this.


Make sure crashes are not caused by any of your installed mods. Remember to never remove mods mid-game. This often causes crashes with summoned weapons and on cell loading.


Have mod conflicts been resolved in xEdit?

Have all new meshes and BSA archives been properly converted?

Do you still have Skyrim DLCs or Creation Club mods enabled?


If you find a crash to be consistent in an unmodded setup, join our Discord and post the following:

  • a savegame, made very close to the event,
  • a crash log, generated by .NET Script Framework and located by default in Data\NetScriptFramework\Crash,
  • actions, preceding the crash.