Enderal SE 2.0.11

– Fixed inability to talk to Rasha after defeating Raga Shadowclaw.
– Head mesh fixes by dovaya (thanks!): added missing skin tones, fixed face assets used from the opposite gender, corrected eyes of some characters during the Cleansing, correct .tri morphs for female eyes of the possessed.
– Restored Fortify Two-Handed potions, squeezed out by lycanthropy potions in FS (reported by Erik3003). Replaces Resist Poison from Date and Restore Mana from Sugar with increased magnitude.
– Fixed Unholy Axe not applying poison damage to the Qyranians.
– String files are unpacked again – fixes compatibility with Skyrim VR. Added dependency check for JContainers VR.
– Updated Russian translation (thanks, Facenapalm).
– Restored some Skyrim content to improve compatibility with Skyrim armor mods. These additions do NOT make Skyrim mods compatible automatically, but they do make porting them much easier:
— Skyrim races NordRace and RedguardRace, named Arazealean and Qyranian and flagged as non-playable by default.
— Smithing perk records, added to player by default. They do not have any effects attached and only serve as validators in recipe conditions.
— Survival mode keywords.