Enderal SE 2.0.10

– Added support for Skyrim: Anniversary Edition.
– Removed code for upgrading from pre-1.6.2 versions.
– Fixed CTD, caused by the Slowdown effect, attempting to run on non-actors (Ice Spike, Psychosis), reported by OverDev.
– Fixed inability to talk to Jespar in Every Day Like the Last, Part II, if player arrives to the roof before him. Fixed force-greeting with a generic line.
– Fixed possible music disappearing and weather getting stuck after The Voice from the Water.
– Fixed mud elementals and trolls fleeing from enemies.
– Fixed hitboxes of the Burned Flesh and Father.
– Fixed the Burned Flesh not attacking the player.
– Fixed inability to lure Maxus to dinner with Aurora after talking to another NPC.
– Fixed Jespar not following player in the beginning of “The Word of the Dead”.
– Fixed Yaela getting stuck in front of the Starling tablet with directions, when the scouting party has weapons out.
– Fixed the Strengthen Apparition spell not being applied to summoned creatures (regression since 2.0.8, reported by reee).
– Fixed map marker to Old Sotyris in “Hidden in the Puzzle”.
– Fixed Calia not equipping her sword correctly in the Forbidden Tunnel.
– Restored revised book texts, overridden by old editions in FS.esm at some point before the final LE patch.
– Starling Bird is now marked essential instead of protected, it can’t be killed anymore.
– Yero’s diaries can be turned in before visiting Alfrid first.
– Yero’s Powerful Mud Elemental no longer respawns, supplying unlimited amount of Yero’s Last Words.
– Revised costs of equipment spectralizing. Spell costs now directly correlate to their magicka costs. Increased importance of base damage and tempering for weapons.
– Quest objectives in the Elixir automatically marked as completed when required quantity is collected (reported by 0570). Refactored ingredient tracking, removed scripts from the elixir ingredients.
– Disabled respawning of ore veins, world-placed items in uninhabited locations, and valuable items in inhabited locations.
– Changed a pit fighter’s package in the Dust Pit to sandboxing, so he doesn’t stand on Yuslan’s path, forcing him to teleport.
– Ryneus now wears his amulet.
– Added the “Don’t Havok Settle” flag to all world-placed books.
– Fixed incorrectly loading ground textures in front of the Abandoned Temple.
– Map lighting no longer depends on the time of the day.
– Fixed the intro track getting stuck between game loads.
– Made Tiwon protected to prevent his accidental death before finishing his quest.
– Improved NPC sandboxing in Ark Market. Fixed idle markers sinking into the ground.
– Significantly reduced repetitive idle chatting of NPCs.
– Fixed Varnhvar’s sleeping package pointing to an already occupied bed.
– Fixed invalid ragdoll data of multiple corpses and skeletons causing them to stalk the player.
– Converted root node of 27 tree models from BSFadeNode to BSLeafAnimNode.
– Flatter pebble meshes (from Shorter Grass by Fhaarkas).
– Fixed a non-activatable warehouse door in Silvergrove.
– Added dependency checks for SKSE, fs.dll, and JContainers.
– Properly integrated Enderal inventory icons into SkyUI, it is now possible to switch between 5 icon themes in the MCM.
– Integrated the Ghost Item Bug Fix for SkyUI by EdmanSA.
– Updated Korean and Russian translations.
For the Greater Good fixes:
— Fixed the explanation scene getting stuck if Tealor is not on his marker.
— Fixed Papyrus out-of-bounds errors due to non-matching count of keepers and quest aliases.
— Fixed the apothecary missing during interrogation.
— Fixed additional spectators never arriving to Tealor’s speech.
— Fixed CTD while talking to Tealor in his chamber.


– Reworked house furnishing system, see the help message for updated controls.
– Placeable alchemy workbenches now support creating potions for The Elixir and Cuthbert’s Legacy.
– Allowed werewolf transformation and apparitions in inhabited locations with hostiles, like Upper Haystacks, basements on the Farmer’s Coast, etc.
– And vice versa – disallowed them in multiple non-hostile locations in cities.
– Added empty music track to the _NONE playlist, unused in Enderal, but sometimes reused in mods and causing CTD due to being empty.
– Tweaked confidence and melee reach values of some creatures.
– Fixed the 50% chance in the “Infiltrator: Bloodlust” perk.
– Added missing Fortify Enchanting and Fortify Alchemy effects to Soul Caller.
– Fixed enemies teleporting to the player after breaking free from the Arctic Wind.
– Fixed Half-Aeterna characters gaining height after “Black Light, Part III”.
– More gradual weather switching in Ark outskirts during the siege.
– Fixed visibility of Nehrimese ships.
– Sound volume of Koppophone can be set to 25%. It no longer stops all music in the game, when muted.
– Fixed an exploit, allowing health regeneration of apparitions in combat.
– Fixed headtracking of werewolf apparitions.
– Fixed pipe smoking, sometimes starting on reading some receipts and opening some containers.
– Fixed melee buffs sometimes not applying correctly.
– Fixed idle movements of frozen enemies.


– Fixed scale and collision of mud elementals.
– Bigger stairs and bridge in Yero’s cave.
– Added the drunk sinking head idle fix.
– All mosses, fog sponges, and glimmerdust no longer can be looted in Lishari’s memory.
– Fixed a hole in the Old Starling Workshop underwater in which you could swim through and leave the level bounds.
– Fixed the UV map of the two lower common tables.
– Fixed Starling Cuirass: closed the holes at the neck and arms + unified their look, the shoulder plates also don’t clip anymore.
– Fixed texture placement on the Wandering Mage set.
– Fixed weight scaling of the Heart of the Swashbuckler.
– Fixed textures of the Heart of the Swashbuckler.
– Fixed clipping of the first person monk robes.
– Fixed mismatched robe colors in first and third person.
– Fixed clipping hands in first person for most robes.
– Fixed gaps between hands and sleeves in FarmerClothes02.


Hans Halber:
– Fixed positioning of candles in Riverville.
– Properly working soul trap effect on bound weapons.


– Fixed vendor keywords on many book recipes, ingredients, and misc items.
– Fixed food effects, inconsistent with other items or with their appearance.
– Removed vendor keywords from decayed items.
– Added VendorItemRecipe to recipes to allow alchemists to buy/sell them.
– Made the leveled list _00ETraderAmmo actually leveled. Added a few missing ammo types.
– Fixed blue glowing on the stone near Yero’s house.