Bottle Rinse Repeat 3.0

  • Revised interaction process. Instead of adding another menu, the mod overrides water source activation, if the player has any empty bottles or upgradeable items in their inventory. Once bottles are filled or the player has none, the prompt changes to vanilla.
  • Brahmin Milk restores health like water does. Added support for the Camel of the Mojave perk.
  • Due to its high availability, Irradiated Water is now considered worthless and costs the same as an empty bottle.
  • Reworked Vault 13 Canteen mechanics, now it works as a replenishable quest drink.
  • Scripted water sources get activated when filling bottles (for instance, the water pump in Freeside).
  • Skips filling bottles with poisoned Aqua Pura in DC.
  • Full refactoring and optimization, improved savegame footprint.